A lesson in communication

I would like to give a shout out to my Dad!

When I started the process of looking for studios, my Dad jumped at the occasion to support me in getting me started making my jewelry, especially with help in building my studio furniture. I built a sound-suppressing box for my shop vac and air compressor in order to be mindful of sound levels for my studio mates.   The compressor would be used in engraving my jewelry, in spite of the fact that it worked exceptionally well, it ended up being a very costly and complex build that I am currently not using due to it's significant weight and the hassle and cost to move it.

More significant however was the ‘build’ in our relationship. During the build process my Dad and I worked quite well together, but we are known to throw in little "dig’s" or insults that anyone listening as they pass by might be surprised at. While maybe not the best thing to practice, we do still appreciate each other and also, from my point of view, our time together. These quips often come when we do not see "eye to eye". We would often explain things to each other as though comparing apples to apples. Yet one of us would say oranges and mean apples and the other would complain and then also say maybe grapefruits but mean apples. Eventually my Dad and I, after getting quite heated at times, would realize we both understood what we were stating to be apples, just each explaining as though the subject were oranges..

This makes me realize life is viewed through many different lenses. While we all may see the color blue, we may all see a different shade. Working with my Dad has taught me to be mindful of how we communicate our thoughts as they may be perceived very differently. Without conversation and the willingness to explore, we may never arrive at the same conclusion that we are indeed both explaining apples and not oranges.

If I didn’t say it enough “Thanks Dad!” for not only building furniture but fruitful communication skills as well!  

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