Commitment is key

We started our mindfulness practice as a family group, over phone in person or Whatsapp voice calls, pretty consistently at 10pm plus or minus a half hour. Before starting we tend to talk business and or catch up. We then have a timer start us with the sound of a gong.

I have found the practice to help me in my craft of silversmithing and making sterling silver jewelry, as I firmly believe what we practice influences all aspects of our lives. When I am at my jewelers bench I can now become more aware if my shoulders are tense, so I just breathe and let the tension go; sometimes it takes a few tries.

While I don’t focus on the breathe all the time, I do find it is a quick way to re-center, realizing that maybe I was on a runaway thought train, observing and being mindful of what comes up. When I am making jewelry I find I am very focused and just caught up in the act of being and doing. Everything just seems to flow like silver solder flows; not filling the gaps but joining the pieces together.

Some nights during our mindfulness meditation (which is only 10 minutes of actual practice), I will be very fidgety - maybe playing with my jewelry or scratching an itch. I might observe that it is because I am in physical pain or worrying about something. And other nights it seems like the ending gong was one and the same as the beginning one or within seconds after and just think “Wow! Where did the time go”? Often I simply feel relaxed with a deep sense of peace or maybe even just feel happy!

In our busy lives I think it is super important to practise some sort of meditation. I’m curious what your mindfulness or meditation practice might include. If you are not currently doing anything like this, I suggest that right before bed, try sitting or lying down to meditate. Set your timer (even if you start with 5 minutes) and notice what happens. See what possible gift or opportunity presents itself.

The University of Los Angeles has a wonderful site for guided mindfulness meditations if you would prefer some guidance:


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