Double Head Milling Machine aka the Bangle Cutter

I received a jackpot of used jewelry tools and equipment from a family friend.

One of these is a bangle cutter, used to cut very highly polished jewelry designs somewhat comparable to engraving. The machine was in a sad state of affairs, extremely rusty with cuts in the wiring and no motor belts to speak of. But I had a plan for this machine to produce beautifully cut patterns in silver jewelry and got to work.

I began by taking the machine apart one bolt and piece at a time. The metal components are extremely heavy and it took a toll on my arms due to the wrenching and lifting, causing a few cuts along the way to boot. Next used a lot of rust remover and elbow grease to bring it back to shining steel.

I replaced the belts using pu rubber which is used for this machine. I made a jig that allows me to cut the length needed as well as hold the rubber together. After heating it with a hot knife, I carefully trimmed any excess to leave a strong round belt. It took some time to find the optimum tension.

The wiring was in a sad state with cuts through the insulation and terminal strips degrading.

On re-wiring, the solid state relay for reversing the motors went up in smoke. Unable to source the component within Canada, I researched VFD’s (variable frequency drives). I ordered them through a company and the first one went missing. This delayed me having the bangle cutter up and running however a replacement was sent.

The machine itself is extremely heavy and it was quite the ordeal moving it to my shop. For safety as well as to gather the numerous shavings the bangle cutter scatters, I surrounded it with a lexan plastic sheild. The cutter is up and running and I have cut my first batch of rings. It is a machine of precision, but I am getting the sense it also takes a keen eye and a feel for how it runs.

I am excited to bring to you jewelry made from this amazing machine!


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