Going public on Mental Health

My sister Lisa asked me to be on her Will to Thrive podcast. I am normally a very private person and would be content to just make my jewelry and post pictures. I do discuss my health issues with those who ask, however this is typically in a one on one conversation.

I feel that if by opening up about my struggles and successes with my mental health I influence even one individual to feel okay about having a mental illness, or giving them the confidence to reach out when in need - mission accomplished!

I mentioned in Lisa’s podcast that mental illness can be invisible. This is definitely not always the case, as acute symptoms can be quite obvious to others. I guess partly what I wanted to imply is that someone can be suffering immensely and the pain is very real to the point the individual may consider taking their own life, but from their outward appearance this may not be apparent. This is why I firmly believe that being able to be open and discuss mental health as if it was as normal as any other illness is so important.

For anyone reading this that has a mental illness (especially if it is a new diagnosis), you are on a path of healing and self discovery. The diamond in the rough. I found happiness and success in making jewelry. Don’t be afraid to try new things, it may lead to your success story. It is no easy road, but it is possible if you are patient, get up again when you fall down and continue on.

I’m sure you will find deeper meaning in life and be stronger and better for it. After some of the crazy shit happens, look back and laugh if you can and find the humour in it. Take on the role of the turtle in a race with the hare as this is a marathon, not a sprint. You can learn to live a happy life with mental health issues. Just take it one day at a time, as life is so worth living!



You can support me as an Artist and bring awareness to mental health by wearing semicolon Earrings or a Mala bracelet!!!

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