Tools to being mindful

Can tools such as jewelry with Rudraksha seeds and or gems aid us in our spiritual path starting in our practice and then throughout our day?

Sadhguru, Nov 2021 states in this video that while Rudraksha seeds will not make you an angel, they can be a tool that gives you assistance on your way to being enlightened. I am interested in trying Mala beads myself as jewelry to remind me to focus and be present and as a spiritual tool to enhance spiritual energy. This video by Swathimaa shows how to use Mala’s properly for spiritual use.

My interest in crystals is what got me started in silver smithing jewelry. One experience I’ve had is that I was trying out tincture waters. If memory serves me correctly I was using moss agate, rose quartz and clear quartz. I made indirect tincture by placing a stone in a jar and that jar in a jar of water. I had used the power of intention but to this day I can not remember what the intention was. I watered two Areca palm plants that were standing next to each other with the three tinctures. The following day the Areca palms had leaned over and intertwined their leaves as if they were hands in prayer.

Maybe to you crystals are just something beautiful to wear and you like the look of it in your jewelry. But maybe just the act of wearing it may give you benefits on your spiritual path even if it is just a reminder to being mindful in your daily life.

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