Using the breath: a practical example

I started this journey of creating my silver jewelry business over a year ago. It started with a business plan which involved a lot of research and typing on my part. I am a nerd through and through and could be called a hard core computer user. My video gaming involves a lot of use of the keyboard and mouse in my leisure time.

I also love researching unique topics. My regular computer habits plus the added use for starting my business along with building custom studio furniture has flared up both of my arms to the point that I am at risk of carpal tunnel in both hands. This has reduced my ability to hit the ground running creating my jewelry.

During the process of writing my business for my jewelry business I was taking a course from with Tyler Huston. It was recommended to me for reducing my anxiety and chronic pain. I began to work with Tyler over Zoom. At some point in my life I had become a chronic shallow mouth breather. Apparently this can be caused from anxiety, accidents, stress and other events.

I began with relaxation and visualization along with the new normal of the everyday breath which consists of a flowing 4 second inhale followed by a 2 second pause, a 6 second exhale and a 2 second pause flowing in and out like a rolling wave in the ocean. The most crucial part is that this is all done through the nose. I learned techniques to clear my sinuses as I was often congested to due to allergies. As I progressed I began CO2 tolerance training. We do not need as much oxygen as we have been led to believe and CO2 makes the oxygen more bio available.

While doing my breath exercises, I had pause for reflection and this helped me in crafting my jewelry business model as well as some design ideas. At the time, a herniated disk was causing me tremendous pain. I began to do land “dives” - in essence holding my breath for as long as possible aided by some techniques. This sets in motion some body reactions which had a healing effect.

I have neglected doing my dives as of late but will resume them in order to have some beneficial aid in getting my arms under control. The frustration of having to work less when I want to make more jewelry, has led to me re-strategize and by working smarter not harder.

My store looks like it has slowed down, but there is a lot in play in the background; please stay tuned.

Tyler, thank you for your invaluable lessons. Since working with you, my anxiety has greatly lessened, my pain is more manageable and everyday life feels so much better. We all need to breathe. I pose to you: are you breathing optimally?


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