Why The Mindful Jeweler

I find that in creating and making jewelry I am lost in the creative process. I see the silver in front of me and am focused on sawing, filing, sanding, or polishing it into it’s final form. I am usually very present relaxed and focused. The only times I have found this to not be the case is when my arms are causing me pain. I now use this as a clue to stop, stretch and change up what I am working on or call it a day.

My brother offered a book for me to read: “A temporary Affair: Talks on Awakening and Zen” by David Radin. I kept putting off even excepting the book as I felt too busy with getting set up at my studio and making jewelry. I haven’t finished reading it at the time of this blog post but it is an excellent read and I highly recommend it. “You cannot say, ‘I am chanting’,” because chanting is the activity of the vocal cords.

The contact of the consciousness with the vocal cords allows you to experience this intimacy. In the intimacy of consciousness with the vocal cords, a great miracle happens. The miracle is that the mind becomes aware that the consciousness exists as the witness. Becoming aware of your deeper existence through this intimate contact with the physical body is basically what mindfulness practice is.” (Radin D, 2022)

While I am no guru, I try to be mindful in my daily life and in my work. This is how I came up with the name of my business. I think that to be relaxed enough to allow glimpses of the mind at work is a noble goal and one can only see good come of it. It’s the beauty in the moments of daily life when you feel connected and whole that is more precious than silver or gold.

(Radin D, 2022) A Temporary Affair “Talks On Awakening And Zen” Rhinebeck, Monkfish Book Publishing Company, 2022.


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