Adrian's Bio

Adrian considers himself a true DIY guy. He loves the challenge that new experiences and learning brings to the table. He especially realized this after a serious MVA in 2004 which drastically altered his life. Since the accident, he has endured severe chronic physical and psychological pain. Adrian is in continual search for better health and overall well being. He became very isolated due to multiple health issues for many years and his knowledge and skills and will to thrive kept him busy making and learning.

Adrian has tried exercises such as yoga and tai chi, and energy healing such as reiki. Mindfulness has played an integral role. He finds the most recurring theme is coming back to the breath and with coaching has recently switched back to nasal breathing as mouth breathing had become his norm. It's the one thing almost everyone can control themselves. It's free, it works and can bring us into what is the present. Now.

Adrian has always loved building things and making others happy. Some examples are:

• He learned to sew in order to make power kites with the intention of using them for land boarding
• Often he can be seen behind a soldering iron, building small electronics such as wiring LED juggling clubs
• Creating sterling silver jewelry for family, friends and customers was also his passion.

He became quite interested in rock hounding and crystals, mostly finding quartz points. Adrian wanted to learn how to enhance these beautiful crystals and took courses in silversmithing. He pursued this hobby for some time investing his sales in better equipment. Adrian loves seeing a smile on a customer’s face showing their appreciation of his work. He finds creating and selling his jewelry has been a source of joy.

The creation process and sharing his jewelry with others has allowed him to overcome his hardship and provided a renewed purpose in life. He has had many health swings up and down as though on a chart, a chart that has an overall upwards curve bringing his journey to now offer his work of silversmithing to the public in a broader fashion.

To Learn more about Adrian and his work check out his blog!