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Our jewelry serves as a reminder of your divinity and spiritual connection. With each piece, we aim to spark a deeper connection to your higher self and promote inner healing. Our company motto, "May it bring you joy, especially in difficult times," encapsulates our intention to provide meaningful jewelry that brings comfort, joy and a sense of spiritual well-being to our customers.


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Hey There I’m Adrian, a true DIY enthusiast who thrives on the challenges that new experiences and learning brings. My perspective shifted dramatically after a life-altering car accident in 2004, leaving me with chronic physical and psychological pain. Despite enduring these challenges, my unwavering spirit led me on a journey of self-improvement and holistic well-being.Through a myriad of health issues, resilience shone through. Exploring various avenues, I dabbled in yoga, tai chi, reiki, and mindfulness practices. Returning to the simple act of breathing, particularly through my nose, became my anchor to the present moment and a tool for control amidst turmoil.Crafting and creating has always been my solace. From sewing power kites for land boarding to assembling LED juggling clubs, my hands have brought joy to many. My venture into silversmithing birthed a passion for enhancing quartz crystals, a process I honed through dedicated courses and persistent practice. As a result, my sterling silver jewelry, crafted with care and creativity, has not only delighted family and friends but also provided a newfound purpose in life.Rock hounding became a fascination, leading me to unearth quartz points and transform them into exquisite pieces of jewelry. The journey, marked by health fluctuations akin to a chart's peaks and valleys, finally brought me to a place of empowerment. My jewelry, a symbol of resilience and artistic expression, has become a means to share my story and my craft with a wider audience. Through my work, I hope to impart the spirit of determination, hope, and the art of embracing life's challenges as opportunities for growth.

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