The 6 points to fulfillment creating Adera's piece

Adera Angelucci came to me wanting to custom-make her stacked triangle logo as a pendant and I jumped on the opportunity. 

We decided on sterling silver for the top and copper for the bottom. 

The way it works is: there are 6 points to fulfillment. 

The bottom 3 points on the copper are finding your purpose, your unique expression of that purpose, and your position. Meaning who you want to inspire/impact most. 

Then the top 3 sterling silver points are: to take action, create connections, and see your prosperity grow. 

When you’re aligned with your light (as Adera calls it, i.e.: your souls expression) and have a way to share it, then you can confidently take action which connects you to the people that you’re here to serve. In turn, it grows your wealth and success!

At the mindful jeweler we’re all about connecting to your spiritual essence and wearing pieces like these helps us tap into our divine nature. 

We are able to do and be so much in this CRAZY world. It’s a real gift to remind yourself of what you’re made of daily. 

Star dust my friends, star dust ✨
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